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3 Types Of Epilators

Epilators are the types of devices used to remove unwanted hair in the body. Generally, it fits easily into the palm of hand and can work either through electricity or battery. It has series of tweezer-like pieces that is rotating and pulling each hair out from the roots. Epilators come in 3 different kinds whether you believe it or not and these are the spring types, rotating disc types and tweezer types. You’ll how each is different from the rest in the next lines.

Number 1. Spring type – for this type of epilator, the first time it was released was in Israel in 1986. The design composed of coil spring that’s bent into the curve of coils so one side of the spring was compressed tightly while the other side of coils spread out. It’s capable of catching hair into the spring when using this kind of epilator on the skin so by that, it’s pulled out easily.

Number 2. Rotating disc type – in relation to this epilator, the discs are used in place of the springs. The working of epilator on the other hand is same of the spring type. These types of epilators are extremely popular and actually, there are a lot of women who prefer buying this than other types of epilators in the market.
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Number 3. Tweezer type – for this type of epilator, this comes with 2 different heads which is the power adapter and the cleaning brush. The rotating disc design has been changed in a way that its plates are not totally discs. In an effort to support the plastic base of the epilator, the head consists of series of plates made from metal. The plate’s tips move jointly together with the head and being separated once for every rotation. As soon as the plates gets closer to the hair, it’s pulled out and when they’re aware from, the hair is released.
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Just a simple reminder, take into account that no matter what type of epilator you prefer to buy in the market today, be sure that you’ve done your due diligence in performing research for each type and at the same time, the store that sells such device. This is critical as it’s what can help you in ensuring that you are making the right decisions and also, that you’re purchasing epilators that are worth of your hard earned money. Prior to deciding which one to get, it will be a very wise move if you would perform a quick comparison of the pricing, warranties as well as features of epilators you are prospecting to buy. You’re sure to make a smart purchase by following this.