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Used Auto Parts: Solving A Number Of The Problems Vehicle Owners Face

According to reports from the automotive industry, auto parts sales are expected to reach an estimated $58 billion by the end of this year. As more vehicles are sold across the nation and more models and trim level variations become available, this number is sure to continue its upward trend during the years to come. New parts aren’t always the best choice. In some cases, they’re not an option at all.

Problems with New Auto Parts

It’s no secret new parts can be expensive. Even a slight variation in year model or trim package between models can drive up the price of a specific part by several hundred dollars. Considering certain new economical developments, those prices could soon surge even higher.

At the same time, finding a store with the necessary part in stock can be a problem. In cases like these, you typically have a choice to make. You can either wait days or weeks until it’s restocked, if it will be at all, or spend hours calling around with the hopes of getting a different answer from other stores in the area.

From another angle, some parts just aren’t available in new form these days. This is particularly true when it comes to older models and those no longer being manufactured. After a certain amount of time, automakers discontinue parts because they’re no longer popular enough to profit from.

Finding a Solution

These issues leave countless people seeking a better alternative. Many find it in used parts. Searching for used parts from any salvage cars for sale phoenix az offers a number of advantages over sticking strictly to new ones. For one, used parts are typically less expensive than their freshly manufactured counterparts.

Secondly, many parts from a few decades ago were a bit more interchangeable than many are today. One example would be Mazda B-Series trucks and Ford Rangers. If you can’t find a transmission for a certain year model Mazda B3000, a used Ranger tranny from the same year could easily fit the bill. That’s not necessarily true when it comes to today’s vehicles. <-bottom: .0001pt; line-height: normal;">Salvage yards also have access to a vast database of used parts taken from wrecked or discarded vehicles. If a local yard doesn’t have the part you need in stock, finding one elsewhere takes little more than punching the specs into a computer and searching the United Recyclers Group website. This massive group of automotive recyclers gives salvage yards extensive lists of used parts available throughout the United States and Canada. They can quickly have the parts delivered directly to you, or you can pick them up at your local recycler.

Moreover, used parts are built ready to fit the vehicle you’re repairing. New and aftermarket parts may be a close match, but they’re not always exact. Going the used route means you’re using the exact parts originally designed for your specific vehicle, so no modifications are necessary.

Bottom Line

New parts come with certain advantages, but many feel those aspects aren’t worth the added expense. Used parts are widely available, up to OEM standards and much less costly. On top of all that, they’re road tested and have proven themselves capable of meeting vehicle owners’ expectations.