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Benefits of English Cream Golden Retrievers

The English cream golden retriever was initially bred in the Scottish Highlands as a pursuing hound that would birds that were shot down from a distance. Reared to be full in size, spirited, and approachable, these have transcended their original purpose and become a favorite pet worldwide. Their luxurious coats stick to their bodies when they are in water and become repellent or waterproof. Their coats also keep them warm, which was necessary for the area they were bred to work in. To top it all, this dog is muscular and active, able to find and bring back game for their owners while trekking through forests and swimming through lakes and rivers. These beautiful qualities still apply today, making the golden retriever the fourth most popular breed in the United States.

They are intelligent dogs that are happy to do things that please their owners and positively thrive based on human contact. They are very affectionate to most people, but especially their owners. This makes them the perfect dog train to help blind or disabled people, and their hunting background means that they excel at search and rescue missions. The breed is perfect for almost everyone, as long as they have the time to devote to their dog. People see the golden retriever as a pleased and energetic animal, often helping those around them and spreading joy. They are hard to resist with their shiny gold coats, big brown eyes, and enthusiasm for everything they do.

Male dogs can be significant, with an average height of twenty-four inches and an average weight of seventy pounds for adults. Female dogs are imperceptibly smaller in size than their male counterparts, usually topping out at twenty-two inches in height and sixty pounds in weight. Nevertheless, with such social behavior, it is tranquil not to observe this dog’s size. This dog species was explicitly engineered through different species of hunting and sporting dogs, and it is their breeding that makes each dog dissimilar. For instance, golden retrievers can be alienated into various kinds based on the color of their coat. There are sizeable dissimilarities in American and European dogs’ appearance, especially in the coat, head size, eye color, and muzzle size. For example, in Great Britain, the English cream is usually more well-built and stockier than its American counterpart. They also tend to have lighter coats in Great Britain, as with the English cream, whereas in America, darker coats are preferred by breeders.

Interestingly enough, Canadian goldens are somewhere in the middle and have characteristics of both American and European dogs. These dogs’ coat is often its selling point, but that coat needs to be taken care of carefully several times a week. The English cream coat has two layers, and this dog has to be groomed at least twice a week, more during shedding season. They do not need their fur to be cut short like some breeds, instead of its long and warm fur sticks to the body.

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