QNX Automotive Solutions

As engineers in the transportation field manage an endless push towards better performance, higher durability, and lower cost, the results often rely on solutions that challenge their manufacturing capabilities. Vehicle electrification is the fast-moving transition from mechanical parts to electronic solutions. These are just a few of the reasons why you should hire Automotive Solutions™ to complete your next painting project. Individuals who know about prolonged solutions may be burning off out since they feel that the retail price will be too high.

I am from Chicago (in Nashville for school) and I was always worried about something happening to my car as I didn’t have a trusted mechanic. I needed to drive ~350 miles the next day and automotive solutions was not going to be able to get the part in time, so they spent the time taking out the damaged hose and doing a makeshift fix on it to get me there, without charging me anything.automotive solutions

By co-sourcing integration and development work with the QNX Automotive Solutions team, customers can focus more time on more important things – like adding high value features to products. Our vision is to be a supplier of high-quality automotive IT services and solutions.automotive solutions

Fujitsu has been working with the automotive industry for more than 35 years, serving some of the world’s leading vehicle manufacturers, and has a dedicated Automotive Solutions business group. TE is developing automotive solutions to help drive innovations for designs today and into tomorrow.automotive solutions

DEKRA Automotive Solutions works in over 25 countries and has dedicated operational structures in 16 countries. Members of the QNX Automotive Solutions team have first-hand experience optimizing QNX-based software to perform optimally on partner hardware; we use this experience to help customers cut development costs and speed time-to-revenue.