How Can Keith Magness Help After A Trucking Accident?

In Louisiana, trucking accidents are often caused by a multitude of circumstances. These circumstances are associated with varying liabilities that lead to accidents. In some cases, the liabilities could equate to violations of federal regulations. The following is information about how a local accident attorney manages trucking accidents.

Federal Motor Carrier Administration Regulations

According to the Federal Motor Carrier Administration, all commercial drivers must follow regulations related to rest periods and driving hours. They are required by federal law to rest for at least eight hours after each twelve to fourteen-hour shift. They must also create a log of all hours they drive each day. They are also prohibited from taking controlled substances and any stimulants while driving. A violation of these regulations makes the driver liable for the accident.

How are Trucking Accidents Investigated?

The truck is impounded for further assessment. The investigators determine if the driver stopped at a weighing station to evaluate the cargo. They determine if all maintenance was performed according to the law. They also determine if any defective parts or repairs exist. These assessments define the exact origin of the liability.

Presenting Liabilities to the Court

The attorney presents the claim according to the liable party. The claim is presented with the victim’s medical records that show their exact injuries and how they were produced. All parties that were identified as accountable are listed as defendants in the claim. Evidence of the liability must be present in the claim as well.

How is Compensation Provided?

Trucking accident victims are compensated through the insurance acquired by the trucking company. Typically, an insurance claim is filed to compensate the driver. If the insurer doesn’t provide compensation, a lawsuit is required for the victim to collect. A car accident attorney helps the victim with these endeavors.

In Louisiana, trucking accidents can present extensive injuries based on how they occur. In some cases, they can produce fatalities that lead to wrongful death claims. In others, the victims must file a legal claim to acquire compensation. Victims of trucking accidents can contact Keith Magness to start their claim right now.