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Documents You Need to Gather to Be Prepared for An Auto Title Loan Application


Auto title loans can be quite helpful, but we should be glad we have an asset that we can borrow against. The amount you qualify for will depend largely on the value of your vehicle. Keep in mind that you don’t have to accept the entire amount that you’re qualified to borrow. The higher you take the higher your pay back amount will be over time. There are also late fees that will pile up over time if you make late payments. In order to properly prepare to apply for your auto title loan you need to gather your proof of income, car title, and proof of address.

Proof of Income

In order to prove that you’re capable of repaying the title loan you will need to bring in your income. A few of your latest paystubs should suffice. When I completed my latest auto loan I only had to bring in a couple of my most recent paystubs. The amount of my paystubs didn’t really matter because my car only qualified for a minimum amount. My monthly payments were about one hundred bucks a month and I was able to sign an insurance waiver, so I didn’t have to pick up an extra bill while they held my title. Look up your local loan office to inquire about any type of auto title loans rock hill sc.

Car Title

Once you’ve prepared all of your identity items don’t forget to locate your title loan. It’s imperative that you are the sole owner of the car that you plan to get a title loan on. The vehicle owner has to be present to sign the car over, and the title loan check can only be made payable to the vehicle owner. The loan provider will keep your title and file the lien with the state. It’s important that you get your title released after you’ve paid your loan off or there will be a hold on your vehicle registration long after you’ve paid off your title loan.

Proof of Address

Make sure you bring a bill or a piece of mail that proves where you will be living and housing the vehicle. Some loan providers might go off of the address on your license, but ultimately, you’ll need to tell them where you will keep the car. Unfortunately, they have a right to come and get the vehicle once you’ve defaulted on the auto title loan. My loan provider advised me that he really didn’t want my car, he just wanted his money, so he was willing to work with me over time during the months where I couldn’t make the full payment.


The best thing to do as you get ready to prepare your documents is to find the loan company you plan to work with and verify the items you need to bring in. They can tell you how many paystubs to bring in and what types of other documents are acceptable. Some of the staple documents you should be prepared to bring include your proof of income, car title, and proof of address.