What Programs Are Available Through InsureSTAT?

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Medical professionals purchase a wide range of insurance policies that cover unexpected probabilities that could lead to a financial hardship. For these doctors, these probabilities could include a permanent disability that stops them from practicing medicine ever again. A local insurer provides disability insurance policies that help these medical professionals.

Policies for Medical Professionals

Fully-invested doctors who acquire disability insurance coverage receive monetary benefits that range up to $15,000 per month. These doctors receive payments for the full cost of medical care in a nursing home or long-term care facility; however, they must be disabled completely with no chance of returning to their medical career.

The policyholder could receive disability benefits up to the age of seventy-five based on when they become disabled. They can also acquire discounts of up to 35% based on their membership with the American Medical Association.

Coverage for Residents

Residents who acquire disability insurance coverage receive monetary benefits that range up to $5,000 per month. The doctor can also receive a maximum of $200,000 to repay their student loans for medical school if the doctor becomes completely disabled before they turn forty-five. They also acquire physician-exclusive coverage which provides them with additional coverage if they are no longer able to perform services connected to their specialty based on their disability.

Options for Interns and Medical Students

Interns and medical students have access to disability insurance policies that provide them with a maximum of $1,000 each month for no longer than one year. The benefits are available when the medical student sustains an injury or disability that prevents them from attending their courses or complete their medical training. These medical students won’t face any difficulties in acquiring the policies as long as they are enrolled full-time in a medical program and under the age of forty.

Medical professionals purchase disability insurance coverage to provide benefits when they sustain an injury or disability. The benefits are available according to the doctor’s status, possessing a valid medical, and working within their specialty on a full-time basis. Medical professionals who want to acquire these policies can contact InsureSTAT to learn more about each policy.