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Deciding on Wedding Videography Convincing any well-meaning couple-to- be, to capture their wedding event is likely being missed out these days since most are already convinced of the invaluable ownership to have in its custody a means to restore those precious moments again and again via images. Somehow, their main problem is deciding whether to get a wedding photographer or a wedding videographer. In both worlds, this seem to be two different specialties since on the one hand; a photographer will have to anticipate everything before it takes a single shot, while the videographer can afford to be reluctant over this matter, conscious that it is simply recording what is going on during that event. Re-experiencing that day is possible with these two forms, where the video will show you what you actually did and the photographs will bring back memories through the still shots of the important parts that took place. Many DIYers today do not think of videography or photography as an art that needs skills and most of them believe that taking good videos or pictures is due to the type of equipment that they have, and not because of the person using the equipment. Because of this, the odd of staking your once in a lifetime event rest in the hands of inexperienced volunteers who rents out state of the art devices to cover the event.
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Now after taking DIYers out of the picture, we then focus on the difference between videographers and photographers to help you with your choice.
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IF you want to have wedding photos as well as wedding videos, it would be more advantageous for you if you hire the same company to do both. This is very vital because you do not want to end up having two account of the same event. It is great to watch your wedding videos years later from a single record that has captured the entire event and not two different disconnected accounts. If you are choosing between having photographs or videos, the best decision is perhaps to get a wedding photographer who is also a videographer. For the most part they are the kinds of people who are very particular with device settings and its capability not so common with videographers who can record a flawless keepsake from a low resolution apparatus or device. The photographer can also take a video of the whole ceremony and from there capture the best moments on a still photograph. If you hire a videographer you would need to have a budget for the music to be used in your video, but if you hire a photographer who does videos, then he can simply purchase licensed music for the production.