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What You Need to Know Before Choosing Tile Sealer

When it comes to installing new tiles, most people often ask if sealing tiles is necessary. As much as a homeowner will prefer to seek advice from a contractor, the response they will get from one contractor may be different from that of another one. This is the reason why in this post, we will take you through the benefits of sealing grouts as well as what you need to know about choosing tile sealants.

Sealing tiles is known to create a brand new look to the tiles. Homeowners need to keep in mind that as much as tiles can be exposed to water, they will become weak if water gets in between them, hence the need to seal them using a sealant. liquids such as wine can end up staining the tiles if not sealed. At times, you may think of using bleachers to remove the stains, however, some of these stains such as oils cannot be completely removed.

The other effect of leaving tiles unsealed is that they support the growth of mold. One of the reasons why molds prefer to grow between unsealed tiles is due to the fact such environments tend to be warm and dumpy thereby supporting their growth. If you want to destroy the habitat of molds, you need to seal the tiles since they will prevent molds from growing in the spaces left.

Installing new tiles can be expensive, however, sealing the is way too far cheaper. If you want to seal the grout by yourself, you can find a number of sealants at pocket-friendly rates. The sealant dries fasters, therefore, you can start using the tiles on the day you apply the sealant.

Now that you understand the reasons why you need to seal your grout, in this section we will take you through the things to consider when choosing a tile sealer. First and foremost, before spending money on a tile sealant product, you need to understand the tile type you have in your house. The reasons why you need to know the type of tile you have used in your house is that most of them tend to be different in color, size, shape and are made from different materials. When searching for tiles, you can choose from ceramic, composite stone, natural stone, porcelain, and even glass. The materials use different sealants.

In addition, before you spend money on buying a sealant, you need to know the type you will be using. Here are the two main types of sealants you can use, these include topical and penetrating sealants. Topical sealants are designed to dry on the surface of a tile, thereby preventing any liquid from penetrating. Alternatively, you can choose to use penetrating sealants ,however, their mechanism is different from that of topical sealants in that they sink into the pores of a tile, thereby stopping any liquid from filling up the micro-holes and fissures.
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