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5 Benefits of Muay Thai You Should be Aware of Although both Muay Thai and kickboxing could be described as kickboxing, there are some notable differences. Muay Thai is associated with Thailand while Kickbox is associated with North America. Kickboxing recognizes the use of only 4 limbs while 8 are allowed in Muay Thai. Generally,kickboxing is considered a sport while Muay Thai is largely seen as way of self defense. Both involve exercising,though. No sane person can argue against the benefits of exercise. Exercise can keep our bodies in perfectly great shape,better our health and in some cases even help us stand up for ourselves in situations of external aggression against us from others. There are exercises that are designed to strictly improve our health and body fitness and others that are designed to help us gain skills in personal self defence. Muay Thai is both an amazing way to exercise and get fit and healthier and to gain the skills necessary for self defence. The punches and kicks that are characteristic of Muay Thai helps to incraese the body’s power. Sometimes power is more important than strength,such as when you are just about to fall and your body somewhat helps you to quickly find your balance. Muay Thai gives you both power and strength,though power is emphasiszed more than strength in this exercise. Read on to learn about more advantages to be derived from attending Muay Thai classes.
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Self defence is one great benefit of learning Muay Thai. Muay Thai involves throwing powerful punches and kicks using 8 limbs of the body such as fists,feet,knees,elbows etc.
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Your stress level will come down a bit if you start training on either Muay Thai or kickboxing. Persistent Muay Thai or kickboxing practice increases hip mobility over time. Mobility of hips makes them healthier and this can save you a lot trouble in relation to your health in future Practising all those awesome leg kicks strengthens the lower body parts,especially the legs. Consistent practicing of Muay Thai incrementally bears better cardiovascular performance. The benefits described above are certainly not the only ones that can be expected once a person enrolls in a Muay Th ai Class,but they are worth pursuing. You may live in Ottawa,Canada or Sacramento in California,but all you need to do is go online and see if there is a class near you.