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Dry Ice Blasting: Latest Cleaning Technology Similar to using sand, plastic bead and soda as the media that goes through a pressurized air stream to impact a surface to be cleaned, dry ice blasting or a cold jet dry ice blasting is an efficient and cost-effective way that involves propelling pellets at extremely high speed. The difference between dry ice pellets and the other media mentioned above (sand, plastic beads, and soda) is that dry ice pellets are softer and much less dense. What the pellets hit the surface that is being cleaned it turns into gas form so that there is minimal abrasion to the surface. When solid is instantaneously turned to gas, a process called sublimation, it absorbs a large amount of heat due to thermal shock thus doing a better performance in cleaning out molds by flaking it off more easily. The advantage of dry ice blasting is that there is no additional waste or secondary contamination that you usually find using other media or water blasting. Dry ice blasting, compared to traditional cleaning methods, is practical and affordable, and this technology is the best alternative when it comes to cleaning methods. You can find many applications for dry ice blasting including sensitive cleaning situations like removing flux from electronic circuit boards or those impassive heavy sanitation jobs like removing slags. It is also widely used to blast a wide range of food processing, plastics and molded products. Dry ice blasting is a dry process since the dry ice sublimated turns into carbon dioxide gas upon impact. Since dry ice blasting is non-conductive, you can use it where electrical wirings are involved and where water cannot be used because of its conducive properties. With dry ice blasting you cut cleaning time and reduce cost compared to doing manual cleaning using solvents and brush, and you don’t even have to disassemble and reassembly machinery before cleaning them.
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Other than that, there is also no media waste to dispose of since the dry ice pellets would simply vanish in thin air once it has done its job. The method is tagged as a green method by environmentalists for the reason that the pellets turn into carbon dioxide gas which is absorbed by plants and trees and converts them into oxygen and carbon. They don’t contribute to greenhouse gases and they don’t produce hazardous waste.
Professionals: 10 Mistakes that Most People Make
Businesses and industries should consider the advantage of dry ice blasting as businesses continue to migrate toward more environmentally conscious technologies. And though the name might be a little intimidating, dry ice blasting is actually a safe and effective method of cleaning, especially for the food industry and general cleaning where mold and bacteria can cause a great amount of health issues when found in everyday living and working spaces.