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Non-Teaching Jobs in Education that You Should Consider

As time goes by, more and more people are opting to go for other opportunities besides those provided by taking an education major. According to research, the number decreased from 32% to 11% in 2018. As much as teaching is a rewarding job, it might be stressful and hence not for everyone. Fortunately, this article has a list of the top non teaching jobs in schools.

Teachers who have been practicing in the education industry for a long time are advised to consider being a school administrator. Instead of handling the class as when you were a teacher, you will be required to maintain the whole school. As a requirement, you will have to pursue an advanced degree and pass the exams. Administrators are required to review the curriculum, manage the budget and employees, and develop instructional strategies. This is one of the best non-teaching jobs in schools.

If you are looking for more non-teaching jobs in schools, being a post-secondary education administrator might suit you. Here, you get a chance to venture into a variety of opportunities that depend on the skills and attainments you have to your name. Application areas in different colleges and academic departments include in the admissions, the registrar and student serves.

There is also the option of being an instructional coordinator. As an instructional coordinator, your task will be to come up with the teaching standards and checking out the curriculum of the schools within the schools in your district. After coming up with improved curriculum and teaching techniques, they are to work with teachers and administrators to ensure proper implementation. To secure this job you should have a master’s degree in education or any related field.

Some teachers have interest in seeing to the development of young people in areas other than academics. If you have such interests, a career path as a director of extracurricular activities will suit you. The post of being a camp director and student activities coordinator are some of the non-teaching jobs in schools you can find in this career path. The main tasks include assisting the young people in developing responsibility, collaboration, and communication by use of extracurricular activities.

Textbook writers and publishers are just as talented as teachers. For you to make it as a textbook writer, it is essential to have an education major and have the passion for writing. If writing textbooks is not your preference, you can also become an editor, publisher, or venture into journalism and come up with academic papers and topics in education. Also, you can choose to be an education blogger.

at times, you might complete your degree only to realize it does not suit you. Whichever the position you are in, it is advisable to put your life together as expenses will never end.