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How to Quickly Sell Your Car

When you decide to sell a vehicle, it’s usually a fairly urgent choice. When you’re ready to upgrade to the latest and greatest new vehicle, there’s no time to waste sitting behind the wheel of something that’s no longer doing the job. That’s why it’s important to make smart decisions to sell quickly so you can settle into your new ride as soon as possible.

Selling your car can be a pretty simple process if you know what you’re doing. First, find out the current value of your car so that you know what range is appropriate. I personally recommend the valuation tool on It lets you find out how much your vehicle is currently worth in today’s market so you can decide whether it’s better to sell it through an online service like the one they offer on, or whether it’s better to sell it yourself or go through a dealership. It’s really simple to input your vehicle’s information and find out what it really is going for – you might be surprised by how you’re your old vehicle is worth. Information is the first and most crucial stage of the game, so definitely do not skip this step. Trusting the knowledge of experts is essential if you want the most bang for your buck.

Then it’s time to make the car look as nice as humanly possible. If you don’t have the time, you can even hire someone to do this step for you. Take your vehicle through a good car wash, vacuum it out really well, and fix any small cosmetic problems like small scratches or interior marks so that the car looks as good as new. This will raise up the value and will let buyers feel confident that every part of the car was well taken care of.

Next, it’s photo time. Make sure your car is in a well-lit area; the fluorescent lights in the garage will not cut it. Be sure to photograph the exterior of the car from all angles, and get a few of the interior as well. Make sure you get a shot of the current odometer so interested parties will know exactly what the current mileage is. This makes you a trustworthy seller, and it’s a detail that buyers will appreciate. All of these photos should focus on the car and not have distracting elements like people or clutter in the background so that you look professional. Your clean, shiny car will look appealing and well cared for after all of that cleaning, and your photos should make your car look like new.

From there, it’s time to list your car online. There are so many marketplaces to choose from, so don’t be afraid to list it in multiple places. Use the same e-mail address so you’ll get all your inquiries in one place and won’t miss any important questions or interested parties. Make sure you ask a competitive price based off of the numbers you researched on – then you know you’re getting what your car is really worth. Congratulations! You’re now just about ready to invest that cash into a new car, and you can feel proud of a job well done.