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How To Choose The Best Hosting for you

To use web hosting is a necessary consideration is very mature because later your website is also affected by the quality of hosting. Especially at this time, there are so many services hosting providers that offer many kinds of advantages and advantages of each. Then what to consider to get the best hosting?


Type of Web Hosting

The type of a web hosting is the first thing you should consider. There are 4 kinds of web hosting that you can make the choice of VPS, shared hosting, dedicated hosting and cloud hosting. If indeed you are still confused to determine the choice among the 4 types of existing web hosting, try to consider the type of shared hosting. Why is that? Because you have the opportunity to upgrade hosting accounts whenever you need a much larger resource alias is needed when creating or building a site.


Bandwidth becomes a description of the size of data that can be sent from the web hosting server to the website Visitors computer. To be able to know how much bandwidth you should use, simply multiply the number of visits or page view website each month using the average page size of the website you live.

The discussion above is only limited to the description of the bandwidth calculation, in fact, you in determining it does not need to bother to calculate exactly how much bandwidth you need. The most important thing to decide is to choose bandwidth with a sufficient size if a time your website may receive a large number of visits. Currently not a few web hosting companies that also offer unlimited bandwidth to each user. However, pay attention to TOS before you choose one of them.



Uptime is the total or overall time that a server has. Uptime values are generally measured in percentages, for example, 99.99% and so on. Uptime is often used as a benchmark whether or not good web hosting services are able to keep their systems running normally without interruption. The higher the percentage of uptime, the better the quality of the hosting concerned.


Disk Space

Disk Space is the amount of capacity of your storage data on the server to store data or website files. Generally, the disk space provided by web hosting providers ranges from 500 MB. That way the amount of website data that you can store in hosting a maximum of only 500 MB. No different from bandwidth, most web hosting service providers now provide unlimited disk space.


Additional information

Not a few people who do wrong selection or purchase of a hosting and of course will have an impact on the quality of your site. Surely you also do not want if your site is difficult to be accessed by the visitors of your website? For more about information you can check