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Tumblr Announces Adult Content Will Soon Be Banned from the Site

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Since it was founded in 2007, microblogging platform Tumblr quickly became a collection of quirky content. Focused heavily on images and long-form content, more anonymous and publicly accessible, the platform is known for its openness to adult content. In truth, it’s what helped the site grow so rapidly.

The initial plan for Tumblr was to have a “business in the front, party in the back” content management style. This would encourage a clean and tidy, corporate-friendly front page that distracted from the increasingly odd content uploaded by users. For a time, this dual model seemed to work for Tumblr. The platform managed to be both clean cut to attract Yahoo as a buyer, for example. At the same time, however, it become popularized for its adult content.

In 2013, TechCrunch reported that a full 11.4 percent of Tumblr’s top 200,000 sites were adult content-related. In addition, 22.37 percent of sites sending traffic to Tumblr were pornographic – making the adult industry the largest source of traffic to Tumblr, as far as category.

However, according to a recent announcement, that is all over now. Tumbler, now owned by Verizon, has stated that adult content will soon be banned from the site. The date of Dec. 17 has been given for the start of a brand new, nudity free Tumblr.

For many, this shift does not come as a huge surprise. Although the site did initially embrace adult content, it has been slowly edging towards a more conservative attitude. Tumblr is not …

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Helpful Tips for Choosing the Right Pressure Washer Nozzle

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When it is time for Surface Cleaning, regardless of the surface, the right tool for the job varies. For hard surfaces, such as concrete, brick, or other types of stone, a pressure washer is a smart option. While the engine in the unit used is going to determine the power of the machine, the nozzle is going to determine almost everything else, including the angle of the water stream. This is important because the stream of the water determines what it is able to do. For example, a narrow-angle stream of water is much more powerful than a larger-angle spray.

The good news is, most pressure washer nozzles today are going to be available color coded. Get to know some of the basic options here.

Red Nozzles

A red nozzle is the one that offers the narrowest angle, which is zero degrees. This particular tip is going to create a water stream that can actually do quite a bit of damage. As a result, anyone using this type of tip needs to proceed with caution. Make sure that the red nozzles aren’t used when cleaning any type of surface up close.

Yellow Nozzles

This color nozzle is going to create a spray angle that is 15 degrees. Use this nozzle if the concrete around a house is being cleaned. It will provide effective results.

Green Nozzles

This is the nozzle that produces a spray angle of 25 degrees. This is a great all-purpose pressure washing tip and great for …